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The road to HERE and NOW was laden with DOUBTS and FEARS that needed confronting. In doing so, I exposed my relationship to resistance, removing mental barriers to unlock my unlimited power as an artist and collaborator. It took a year of growth for me to meet this moment. 

"Flash" is about the journey to the apex. It's an invitation to observe the resistance suppressing

your progress, creating an unlimited reality where you are able to break free from the chains of fear and self-doubt. The beat was composed by SIGHOST and I enlisted the help of SONIKZ to take the vocal production to new heights. This intergalactic anthem blends sounds of trap and pop with out-of-this-world vocal textures stacked over booming 808s and ASMR style whispers. Check out the Japanese version!!

On the B-side, I've included another new track, “Chaos,” unpacking the dark side of religion in education. Based on true events, the testimonies of students and alumni lay woven as spoken word throughout moments of explosive production and impassioned vocal performance. Open your mind and experience fearlessness when everything drops together Jan 12th at midnight EST.



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Nick comes from a family of singers and writers. He spent his formative years studying music and voice, immersed in communities of talent. At sixteen, he began writing and recording original music in GarageBand, later pursuing a more refined sound with the gifted Lee Davis before moving to Los Angeles and continuing his artist development with Firestone Films.


He debuted his first single "Drip Gold" in 2020, followed by "Moon" that same year. Both songs set the tone for what he calls his Whisper Era, slowly evolving into its highest and most refined form over time.

Intertwined with his own musical universe, Dallas and New York based artists Eddie the Kidd and Kisos have appeared in multiple past releases such as "New Moon" and "This Isn't Love (Kidd and Friends)." They also appear as characters in the Nick's World comic series, a collection of comic panels created in conjunction with his music and soon to be minted as NFTs.

2022 is shaping up to be an explosive year with multiple releases lined up following "Flash" and "Chaos." You can expect more collaborations, sonic versatility, and a continued focus on elevated vocal production in partnership with SONIKZ. Beyond the new music, Nick is looking to grow on TikTok through the development of original series like Restaurant Whispers, an ASMR-style short exploring the menus of the hottest restaurants in LA, as well as the upcoming WWGJD?, a series of skits reimagining classic Biblical tales from new perspectives. 


Kisos comes from a family who couldn’t care less about music. While his friends jammed to all the modern hits, he was stuck in the car with 98.3 KUIC, lite rock from the 80s, 90s, & today!


Over time, the Bay Area native forged his own path. He learned flute, competed in drumline championships, and honed his voice with his university’s gospel choir. Yet through all that, he never considered music as a viable career for himself.


In 2014 that changed. Spurred on by his grandmother who asked why music wasn’t a part of his life anymore, Kisos moved to New York to pursue a dream that was just taking shape.


He debuted his first single “Symmetry” in 2016, which Baeble Music compared to Troye Sivan and Years & Years, and followed that with a self produced EP, VOICES, in 2018.


Feeling a breakthrough bubbling, he enlisted producer Kyle Patrick (Shea Diamond, Monogem) & GRAMMY winning engineer Joe LaPorta (Lizzo, Moses Sumney) for his 2019 single, “Happily Ever After,” which skyrocketed to success on Billboard, and Spotify’s editorial playlists.


Since then, Kisos has dominated livestreaming, peaking in the top 1% of Twitch’s most popular broadcasters thanks to his LGBTQIA+, TRL-style music video show, QUEERANTINE, which raised over $11k for social justice orgs since its 2020 inception.

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